We grow bones from your own cells

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Imaging & Stem Cell Extraction

We obtain a precise 3D model of the anatomical defect from the patient’s CT scan. At the same time we extract adult stem cells from the patient.

Graft & Bioreactor Design

Using the 3D image, we design the patient specific graft and a custom-built bioreactor. We expand the stem cells to obtain sufficient quantity.

EpiBone Graft Maturation

We grow the bone graft inside the bioreactor which provides environment for bone formation. Stem cells remodel into a personalized bone graft ready for implantation.


Perfect Fit

Grown in the precise anatomical shape and size you need, without cutting a bone from your body.

Your Cells

Made from your own cells for better integration, and without the possible complications of foreign body implantation.

It's Alive

The implanted bone graft is alive so it has a potential to continue growing and remodeling.

Meet the Founders

Nina Tandon

Chief Executive Officer

Sarindr Bhumiratana

Chief Scientific Officer

Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic

Chief Scientific Advisor
Meet the Team

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