Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives with personalized bone implants.

EpiBone is a revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bone”. Our pioneering technology utilizes a scan of the patient’s bone defect and the patient’s own stem cells to construct and cultivate a defect-specific autologous-like bone graft. Epibone is strategically positioned to provide a superior bone graft that will provide exact defect repair, a simplified surgical procedure, improved bone formation and regeneration, and shorter recovery times, without the complications of foreign body implantation, to the over 900,000 patients who undergo bone-related surgeries each year.

Watch How We Grow Human Bones in the Lab

Who it's for


For people who are suffering from congenital facial defects, or trauma to the bones of the head and face, EpiBone can potentially provide patient-specific, anatomically-customized living bone graft that functionally and immunologically integrates into the body. We are now starting with head and face bones, but potentially we can engineer all kinds of bone, ligament and cartilage.


For Oral, Maxillofacial and neuro surgeons who perform reconstructive bone surgery: EpiBone graft (unlike titanium implants, putties, or autografts) requires a single surgical site, shorter recovery times, lower likelihood for pain or fracture with stable long-term bone reconstruction. Epibone has potential to grow other types of bones and ligaments as well.


For payers, lower surgical procedure cost due to single surgery, shorter hospital stays and results in improved patient outcomes could potentially reduce the need for reimbursing for costly follow-up treatments, and prolonged therapy.

Our Technology


At the heart of EpiBone is a bioreactor platform technology for engineering custom-designed autologous bone grafts. Using data from CT scans, EpiBone can fabricate anatomically-shaped scaffolds, seeded with stem cells derived from the patient’s own tissue, and places them in our proprietary bioreactor system for pre-conditioning and maturation of the bone. This platform is the product of 20 years of fundamental research and experience with tissue engineering in orthopedic field. Bioreactor cultivation of human stem cells in an osteogenic scaffold has been shown to support cell survival, differentiation, maturation and deposition of bone matrix, while restricting the development of unwanted lineages and facilitating a continued remodeling and vascularization following transplantation.